Fondazione Carlo Grandori

Utilizzare tecniche all’avanguardia per accelerare la scoperta di nuove terapie non tossiche e personalizzate per la cura del cancro ed altre malattie.

Photograph of Carla and Carlo GrandoriCarlo Grandori blueprint

Every cancer is unique.

Conventional treatments are not tailored to an individual’s specific cancer. Even when they are effective, they are toxic to the entire body, not just the cancer cell. We want to change that. Now, for the first time, we have the technology to rapidly discover new non-toxic therapeutic approaches.

Our mission is to accelerate the science that makes this possible, and get it to the people who need it.

“This is the technology that’s going to enable us to make new leaps in the discovery of new drugs, to really revolutionize the medicine and revolutionize the treatment of cancer.”

— Pamela S. Becker, MD, PhD