Fondazione Carlo Grandori

Utilizzare tecniche all’avanguardia per accelerare la scoperta di nuove terapie non tossiche e personalizzate per la cura del cancro ed altre malattie.

Photograph of Carla and Carlo GrandoriCarlo Grandori blueprint

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Because the Carlo Grandori Foundation is still in its initial phase and does not yet have official nonprofit status, the donation you make today is not tax-deductible. We especially appreciate your support at this time, as it will help the Foundation become a true nonprofit entity.

Below is the information for the bank account to which you can make your donation (in Italy):

Banca: Monte dei Paschi di Siena
            Ag 87
            P.le G. Marconi, 1
            Roma EUR 00144

IBAN: IT 06 V01030 03286000001684653

ABI: 01030

CAB: 3286

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