Fondazione Carlo Grandori

Utilizzare tecniche all’avanguardia per accelerare la scoperta di nuove terapie non tossiche e personalizzate per la cura del cancro ed altre malattie.

Photograph of Carla and Carlo GrandoriCarlo Grandori blueprint

Technological innovation for a better, safer world.

Carlo GrandoriCarlo Grandori had an inspiration that revolutionized an industry and saved untold lives. He saw that his tunnel excavation company, SELI, could use innovative technology to bore a tunnel that a dynamite blast never could, and with far greater safety to workers.

Lead by his vision, SELI adopted precision tunnel boring machines in 1969, and went on to develop specialized machinery for the rugged European terrain. Carlo Grandori’s spirit and determination — and one great realization — improved people’s lives and transformed his entire field.

“I believe a similar transformation is possible in the field of cancer research.”

— Carla Grandori, MD, PhD

The Carlo Grandori Foundation (FCG) brings to cancer research Carlo Grandori’s great insight: that the innovative use of existing technology has the power to shift the way we think about a problem, and to break through barriers that seem insurmountable. In 2011, when Carlo Grandori would have turned 100, five of his family members celebrated his legacy by founding the Carlo Grandori Foundation.

Carla GrandoriHis daughter, Dr. Carla Grandori, is the founding Director of the FCG. While working in a pioneering biotech company in Seattle, she had access to a new robotic technology called High Throughput Screening (HTS). She realized she could adapt HTS to find highly effective and nontoxic, known compounds to treat cancer in an entirely new way.

Instead of the “dynamite” of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy — whose deadly poisons attack our bodies even as they attack cancer cells — we can use a precise and powerful tool that accomplishes the job with greater precision, and with much less risk. This new approach has enormous potential. It could provide a breakthrough in creating safe, effective, non-toxic treatments for cancers of many kinds. Eventually, it could enable us to take a specific patient and design an individualized therapy just for their cancer.

For the first time in my career, I feel that there is a path before us that will lead to a cure.

— Carla Grandori, MD, PhD

HTS FacilityUnfortunately, few today can take advantage of this technology. It is expensive and the expertise to use it is rare. And the scientists who could do the most with it often have no access, and may not even be aware of its existence.

This is where our foundation will do its work. By financing the technology and providing the necessary resources, we will help bring this revolutionary approach to the forefront of cancer research.

To make the dream come true, we need your support.

The FCG’s vision of a revolution in nontoxic and personalized cancer therapies can become a reality — with your generosity.

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Grazie — Thank You,

Carla Grandori, MD, PhD
and all the founders of the Carlo Grandori Foundation.